Hawkeye Gamers Club

About Us

Do you like to have fun? Do you play a few too many video games? When someone says they went "camping", your blood starts to boil? Then these next three words may be the best thing you've ever read...Hawkeye Gamers Club.

This is a student club devoted to gamers of all types: we play FPS, RTS, MMO, and other assorted three letter abbreviations you may or may not have known. This club has been active over ten years and could be one of the more active clubs on campus. We are seeing a growing group of board game players for games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, etc. Card game players grow as well and play Magic The Gathering to deck building games like Legendary and Ascension.


The Hawkeye Gamers Club hosts a monthly LAN party during the school year. These LAN parties are overnight events for over 24 hours of game playing fun! In May, the club hosts a 48 hour LAN party! At our 48 hour event, the club gives away over $1000 in prizes! In 2019, our budget is $1200!

Like competitive games? We are adding tournaments and more competitive game activities to our monthly LAN Parties. We will be rotating the games selected for the tournament play, but we will be playing other competitive games like League of Legends, Overwatch, etc.

Another club event is Board Game Nights. This is where we get together for an evening and play a bunch of different board games. Each event sees new and fun board and card games!

Club Status

The Hawkeye Gamers Club has been around for many years, and was formed as a way to get students together and socialize. Each year, we grow and grow, and now are a well established, active, and officially recognized club at Hawkeye Community College!


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